BH Models Ryan STA 46 Size Build Page

This is what I’m putting together for Arizona Next week. I know it’s not a scale competitor, but for an ARF it’s pretty and at least it’s scale.

Well, I will confess. I am not a very good documentarian… I know I said was going to document this build-out, but it’s an ARF and I put most of it together today!

I will take pics and get ’em posted. I am going to put an electric system in it so I’ll document the motor, specs, etc.


4 Responses to “BH Models Ryan STA 46 Size Build Page”

  1. lou korpas Says:

    I just ordered 2 BH models. THe Ryan STA ARF 120 with oleo struts and also the Wedell WIlliams ARF .46. I have never had a BH model, they seem to be well recieved and reviewed. Any additional info you could give me?

    • mikegoesflying Says:

      Sorry I am late on this. For the Wedell williams make sure you have a motor on the bigger side. On both balance them laterally too. This will help trimming and ground handling

  2. Ted Kleimeyer Says:

    I have just purchased the BH models Ryan STA based upon the review in the Model Airplne News article January 2011. The vendors are not very helpfull in providing details for an electric conversion. No on-line instruction manuals, etc. Any suggestions or on-line reccommendations for the Ryan STA 46 electric conversion. Ted

    • mikegoesflying Says:


      I am running the Ryan STA 46 on a Hobby People 4120/05 motor, 80 amp esc (doesn’t draw that much but I figure extra amp handling is a safety feature, plus it will work on more airplanes later), Hobby People 5 cell 5,000mAh LiPO pack, and an APC Type E 11 x 5.5 prop. That’s a pretty hot setup so I don’t fly around at full throttle the entire flight.

      Mine was an early prototype so I had to make my own motor mount and battery mount. The production model may not require quite as much work, but it should be pretty easy.

      I use full flaps on landing with a little elevator compensation, it helps out landings a LOT. Standard control throws and a slightly forward CG.

      My tip is on the landing gear.
      1. The wheel covers are in 2 pieces. I modified mine so that the two pieces screw together.
      2. Before I put on the wheels or wheel covers I made sure the axles were in perfect alignment. This made ground tracking so much easier!

      This is a FUN airplane and is the airplane I flew most in 2010.

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