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Receiver Voltage

June 26, 2009

Maybe it’s that there are so many packs available, maybe it’s that wide-spread insanity has suddenly taken grip of the hobby. I’ve never seen so many insane questions about voltage for receivers….

OK, Here goes….

The Airtronics Receivers are designed for battery packs with a nominal voltage of 4.8 to 6.0 volts. Specifically, that is the voltage range of a 4-5 cell Ni-MH and Ni-CD battery. YES, these receivers are designed to be used with 4-5 cell Ni-MH and Ni-CD batteries.

Yes, I understand that a 5 cell battery peaks at a higher voltage. That is OK. The receiver is designed to work with these batteries.

If you use A123 cells which have a nominal voltage of 6.6v, you are at the very top of the voltage range for these receivers. The receiver as well as some servos are not designed for this voltage range. However, in most cases it works just fine. You will NOT destroy anything by using a voltage range of this type. BUT if any of the servos twitch or jitter, it may simly be you’re out of the voltage range. Not all batteries work exactly the same and not all servos can handle batteries with a nominal voltage of 6.6v

IF you are using a 2 cell Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer pack (Li-PO), you MUST use a voltage regulator AND that regulator should be of the “switching type” and able to handle the current draw of your servos.

So, there you have it… 4 and 5 cell Ni-MH and Ni-CD packs are perfectly fine. A123 2 cell packs are “on the edge”, and 2 cell Li-PO and Li-ION battiers REQUIRE a voltage regulator.

Note that the computer in our receivers does not “reset” until under 2.0V, thus you don’t have to worry about brown out because if you’re having brown-out from overloading your receiver, the servos will be the FIRST indicator because they will stop working. Most servos do not work much below 2.75-3.0v or so.


Time to Build a New Plane – Which One? – Audience Participation Requested.

June 20, 2009

Several of the staff here have asked me to feature a plane here at the blog. Show the assembly, etc.

Rather than me picking, I thought it would be “funner” (no that is not a real word..) for everyone to get a vote.

I like all the categories and planes we sell in general, thus I’m happy to assemble whatever planes you all want to see.

Pick a plane from any of these brands and vote. Comment here, send me a message at Twitter, etc..

Thanks in advance for your input!

Click on the name to take you to the website to see the selection:

ASM – Advanced Scale Models

Model Tech ARF’s


BH Models (Black Horse)

VQ Models

Sport Flyers by Hobby People

Phase 3

Customer Feedback that Makes it all worthwhile….

June 20, 2009

A brand new SD-10G owner asked me about battery charging. I let him know we really do recommend charging the tx battery out of the radio if using a fast or peak charger. After getting the answer and having the radio for a day, here’s his email back to me…


As always its a pleasure, I will charge it out of the transmitter. My friend Dave (last names left out to protect the innocent…) also has an SD-10G coming. He’s going to like it a lot. I have just started to learn the programming and I can tell you it’s a lot easier than JR……….not just a little easier, a LOT easier. I’m on board for the Airtronics accessories, as soon as you make them I can sell all my JR buddies my JR stuff and “go blue”……..You have a nice radio you have produced, thanks.

Rusty … NH 03584
As a Product Manager, customer feedback does not get any better than this. I’ve been modeling my whole life and the idea here is to make products that modelers will enjoy. The SD-10G seems to have truly achieved this. I simply couldn’t be more pleased.. Makes my entire weekend! Thanks Rusty! And THANK YOU to everyone who’s taken a chance on our new radio.

Western States E-Fly

June 17, 2009

Back from Another Sortie

Back from Another Sortie

The basin may be crazy on an average Saturday, but when the club takes over for an event, and they do quite often, you know it will be good.

Their 2nd E-Fly was no exception. While the weather sucked (who would have thought there’d be RAIN in the VALLEY in JUNE!?!?!?!), the models were cool, the flying impressive, and the people clearly enthusiastic about electrics. There were over 100 pilots and hundreds of planes.

Airtronics and Hobby People had a modest booth set up in manufacturers row with a killer sale setup for attendees if they went to the store (the Encino Hobby People store is just down the street) and the SD-10G on display. We also showed off the new BH Models 120 size Trojan T-28 and the Red Lion Racer.

Mike Braun Getting Some More Flight Time with His Ultrafly ViVi

Mike Braun Getting Some More Flight Time with His Ultrafly ViVi

This OV-1 saw action over the E-Fly.

This OV-1 saw action over the E-Fly.

Click Here to see the entire Photo Album

Mike Goes Flying Western E-Fly Photo Album

THANKS to the Valley Flyers and everyone at the event for making it a great two days.

The New Hotness – BH Models Gilmore Oil “Red Lion Racer” 46 Size ARF

June 15, 2009

Some models are simply special. This is one of those models. This is the new Red Lion Racer from BH Models. This Golden Age Scale Aircraft is truly a work of art in ARF format. CHECK IT OUT…

Gilmore Low Side 800x600

1. Fiberglass Cowling with Radial engine Detail. Factory cut out and painted. Has enough airflow too so no major mods are needed.

2. Cockpit is finished. There’s a dash, a pilot, and the windshield is installed.

3. Scale wheel covers. The wheels stick out enough to be practical too.

4. Scale markings throughout. I love the tail shots. The plane simply looks awesome.

5. Installed Wing Fairings. The flairs on the side of the fuselage that blend the fuselage to the top of the wing are Built-in and properly covered. They are NOT Plastic add-ons.

6. Covering is Oracover. Scale markings are decals.

7. It may have a short nose but it properly balances with a 46 two stroke! Yep, it works with a 2 stroke.

8. We installed a 4120/05 on extensions with no problem. So going brushless is going to work out just fine.


Wingspan: 1470mm – 57.87in

Length: 1180mm – 46.46in

Weight: 2.7kg – 5.94lb

(this will vary according to power system of course)

Engine: 46-52 two stroke, 52 to 70 four stroke

Motor: 4120/05 on 4-5 cells

Radio: 4 ch (A/E/T/R)

Servos: 5 standard (or 4 if electric). 1 for each aileron – 1 for the elevator (split elev pushrod to 1 servo) – 1 for the rudder – and 1 for the throttle if flying glow.

BH Models are distributed by Global Hobby Distributors and Sold at Authorized Dealers including, of course, Hobby People (

Enjoy the Pics:

Click Here to see the entire Red Lion Racer Photo Album in High Resolution


Gilmore - Tiff 800x600

Gilmore - Cowl 800x600

SD-10G Shipped Today

June 13, 2009

Production radios are in the hands of our team members and customers had radios shipped to them TODAY! FINALLY!

If you want one, better order one now. We’re already way oversold!!!!

Get One Here:

Buy SD-10G

Thank you to everyone for your help, support, and enthusiasm. Any questions? Let me know!


RDS8000 in Sportsman Competition

June 11, 2009

I usually show a lot of sponsored guys, die-hard Airtronics guys, taking Airtronics to spectacular finishes here at Mike Goes Flying and at Team Airtronics.

But as my saying goes, we’re truly dedicated to the modeler. The hobbyist that is flying out there everyday in every facet.

This was a GREAT email sent to me by Joe Marri. Congratulations Joe!

Hi Mike,
Here are pictures of me at the season opener pattern meet in New Jersey.


Info about the pattern meet:

District 1 Spring Warmup
March 16, 2009
Jackson, NJ
Second Place, Sportsmans class.

Radio: Airtronics RDS-8000
Plane: GP Venus II
Servos: JR DS821
Engine: OS 120AX

Joe Marri
AMA 905174


Team Airtronics Blog

June 1, 2009

Here’s an updated PLUG for the Team Airtronics Blog


Many of the team members are starting to post and we’re growing our links section. There are some driver and pilot profiles posted (although not nearly all of them, only a few are up).

With the release of the SD-10G and the M11X, there’s a lot to talk about! I hope you enjoy it.


Twitter? Whadiducallme???

June 1, 2009

I’ve stepped into the odd and interesting world of networking through twitter. Time for quick comments, updates, etc. through the latest trendy social network. If it’s good enough for Tony Robbins and Richard Brandson, it’s good enough for me.

Mike<—-kicking and screaming his way down the information superhighway, one trendy format at a time…

I do intend on putting it to use in a way that is beneficial to others. I thought it would be nice to send out information and not just updates. So, it could be fun and helpful. And truly, my Twitter list looks so lonely with no followers.