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AMA Convention 2008

January 10, 2008

AMA Convention is this weekend. The medical board is …. oh wait, that’s Modelers, not Medical…

Airtronics and Hobby Shack and Global will have booths showing some new products. If you all get to attend, stop in and say Hi at the Airtronics booth. I’ll be in and out all weekend at the show.

Get details at the AMA site.

 Have a Great Weekend. Happy Landings



FAQ’s for RDS8000 2.4GHz radio

January 5, 2008

Hi All,

I am trying to build a F.A.Q. file to post on the service and website as well as to distribute to our dealers. (I posted this same request on the Airtronics users group on Yahoo, so sorry to those who will find this repetitive..)

I was wondering if you’d all like to give some questions?
I thought it would be easier to make an FAQ file if I had some questions from the modelers visiting my blog.

 Already, of course, we’ve had a lot of questions and I’m using that as a starting point. But, any questions or comments you all have I thought would help make this file great right from the get-go…

So, if you can think of any, please post them in a comment here!

Thanks in Advance.

Mike Greenshields
Product Manager
Global Hobby

RDS8000 Low Voltage Questions

January 2, 2008

There seems to be some worry about receiver resetting if the voltage goes low or “browns” out.

There’s lots of discussion on this due to some problems with some early 2.4GHz systems from our competitors… It seems they’ve addressed it and the problem is long-gone on any new systems.

Anyway, the big question is: How does Airtronics RDS8000 operate?

 1. The receiver is actually made to work down to under 2 volts. At 2 volts the servos do not work. So, LONG BEFORE the receiver computer would give out and have to “reset” in a “brown-out” situation, the servos will cease to work and you would probably crash anyway. I know that’s harsh, but regardless of system, brand, band, etc. if electronics run out of voltage completely they stop working.

2. If for some reason the radio turned off and back on in the air or did brown out (maybe due to a bad servo or wiring?) the receiver resets in less than half a second typically. It’s quick enough that it’s hardly felt.

 I saw a video of somebody showing one of our competition’s receiver resetting when he turned the receiver battery off and back on. He said that this was quick and faster or as fast as anything on the market.

Our resets just as fast as what this guy showed in his video. So, I’m inclined to think ours resets about as fast as anything else.

 Bottom Line: Low voltage should not be a problem, reset time is at or above the industry standard, our receiver works down to a rediculously low voltage anyway, and in all of our testing thus far, we can’t get the receiver to fail and reset unless we turn the power off completely.

Suggestion: Make sure your receiver and transmitter battery packs are in good shape and you will not have a problem from low-voltage.


Happy New Year!

January 1, 2008

It’s New Year’s Day, the sun is out here in the O.C. (Orange County, CA U.S.A.) and it’s a GREAT first day of the New Year! Thank you for participating and lurking around here in 2007 and I’m looking forward to a great Hobby Year in 2008!!!