Events List

While I’m chained to my desk most days, occassionally I sneak out to the flying field or to a tradeshow, etc. See where we’re going and where we’ve been recently here.


Jan 30/31 Arizona Electric Festival.

We’ll have a tent and will be showing the latest Airtronics equipment and should have the ASM B17 out for display.

Looking forward to seeing you all out there.

1st Annual OCMA Heli Fun Fly

This weekend, June 13.  They guys will be flying Cyphers, including one with the latest hopups/aftermarket parts on it, and the SD-10G radio!

OCMA website:

It’s sponsored by: HeliFreak

This link has a flyer and some more details. Plus it’s in a thread at HeliFreak sponsored by the organizer!


Club Meeting. – Victor Valley RC Flyers – June 9

I’ll be traveling out today to see my Dad’s club out in Victor Valley. He’s leading a discussion on engine operation and setup tips. I’ll be out showing the new Red Lion Gilmore Oil Racer to Airage’s John Reid and will sit in on the club meeting. Sounds like fun!

Western States Electric Fly – June 5-7 – 2009

The Valley Flyers and the world-famous Apollo Field (Sepulveda Basin) are hosing another dedicated electric event. It’s a big electric fly-in with tons of planes, people, etc…We’ll have a booth with displays, probably some sale stuff that’s all electric related, and maybe a prototype or two on display. The big deal for us will be showing off the SD-10G Airtronics radio, but of course, there’s other new stuff too I think you may want to see! I’ll be there Sat Morning and Sunday Afternoon. We’ll have a booth open all day Saturday and Sunday. The staff running it will be mostly the customer service staff, Kyle, Tiffany, Eric, and Farrell.

Event website:


4 Responses to “Events List”

  1. Kwai Chang Caine Says:

    Mike, I think you have the wrong website listed here. There is an important ‘e’ missing…

  2. mikegoesflying Says:

    YEP, you are right! Sorry

    I have fixed it and corrected the link for it too.

    THANK YOU for the catch of my typo!

  3. BOB SMITH Says:

    I hope Dave Hendrics has set upp the May 1st Engine Clinic at the Sepulveda Basin. No one from the club seems to be taking the effort to insure it takes place! Please RSVP,

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