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RDS8000 yet another positive review

June 30, 2008

OK, call it blowing my own horn, self serving egotistical commentary, or a commercial shameless plug.. it’s ok.. I understand…

But I just have to point out that the Airtronics RDS8000 2.4GHz radio just got another GREAT review. This time the review is in the AMA magazine, Model Aviation. It’s written by Bob Aberle and I think it’s a nice article.

He called me this morning. He had a slight mis-hap with the radio (it got dropped… ouch). During the conversation he told me how he likes the radio, has already purchased several extra receivers for it (yes, paid.. not free…) and is enjoying flying it. He has it in a scale Beaver and is using flaps and elevator compensation for the flaps and he’s also using it in a small Ultra Stick with the 4 aileron/flap thing and has the crow, etc all set up.

A somewhat Unique thing Bob asked us to do was to publish a “quick start guide”. He showed us how the directions were detailed but kinda “jumped in with both feet” and maybe was a little lacking on the introductory stuff about the programming and setup of the radio.

So, Jack Albrecht has already written the draft, we’ve proofed it with Mark Atwood (Airtronics Team Pilot) had our technical writer format it up, and it will be on the web next week and printed and inserted in new radios soon.

This one is bent toward aircraft. We’re now working on one bent toward heli’s.

Anyway, thanks to Bob Aberle and Model Aviation for an interesting and great review, and thanks to Bob for suggesting the quick start guide.. AND Thanks to Jack for writing it so quickly!

Yep, I’m proud. Airtronics’ first step into aircraft full-range 2.4GHz systems is I think an amazing one.


Does anyone really “Model” anymore?

June 27, 2008

Just got the latest AMA Magazine, Model Aviation. July 2008 Issue. On the spectacular cover (I really like float flying, thus the cover is spectacular since there’s a float plane on it) one of the featured articles is “Skin Wings Like a Pro”.

The guy featured in the article is none other than Mark Atwood. Mark is a long time pattern buff, a National Pattern Champion, and an Airtronics Sponsored PIlot. So, of course I’m intrigued to see his article in there (Mark won’t admit it, but in pattern competition circles he’s still a Rock-Star). Can’t say enough good things about Mark.

Anyway, so I was looking at the article and thought… I wonder if this helps anyone? Who really builds today? Then today I was talking to one of the Scale Masters Competition Qualifier CD’s and he was telling me about one of his project. And he was saying how it would take forever to get done because he hardly has time to build, even ARF’S! And, if he wants to build, he has to start from scratch because there’s so few kits on the market today.

I realized it has been WAY TOO LONG since I’ve even built a plane, from a kit or from plans!!! Far Too Long!!! My days seem tied up in business meetings, staff planning, advertising meetings, and Prototype testing (which are all ARF’s and RTF’s!!!). So, what are we all to do? I’m sure most people have daily lives even busier than mine!

The President of Hobby People, Matt, is constantly preaching that we need to take a little time to enjoy the hobby more, get away from the TV, etc. and be more active in the hobby. I couldn’t agree more.

Today, there are still an amazing number a great kits, and great plans services that have some beautiful plans designed by some really talented people. And truly building brings such a high level of satisfaction and has such creativity involved. It’s Good fun AND Good therapy! There’s good advice out there too. Read Mark’s article (July 2008 Model Aviation, Page 49), get some good tips, and enjoy your building.

So, does his article really help anyone? Absolutely! There’s still plenty of people building model airplanes! But it helps in other ways too. It reminds people of how great the hobby is in all aspects. Sure, an ARF is so convenient and there are so many good ones on the market today! But building is truly rewarding. Set aside a space and a few hours each week and get that kit done. Go flying with your buddies and use-up that ARF! Have a good time! But I say always have a kit on the bench, in process so that you’ll always have something to build.

I need a new project too. I’m thinking the new small Turbinator for Nick Ziroli plans might do the trick. EDF, nice size, affordable power system, and Nick can supply the molded canopy.

I asked the question. Do people really Model anymore? Take one look at the Ziroli plans service, take one look at Scale Masters, go to the Nats, go to Top Gun. YES people still model. Not only build but build sport AND SCALE and they sure are pretty. ARF’s dominate the market due to people’s time constraints and the convenience and quality in those ARF’s, but modeling is alive!

Yep, it’s time to fly, it’s summer! But I think it’s time to get that next building project going too!


Rock Crawler Tire Mounting

June 9, 2008

OK, this has NOTHING to do with flying! This is how to install tires on an Axial Rock Crawler Bead-Lock Wheel. Why do I care? Well, for one, Tim, the guy who did the video is our sales manager at Global Hobby and I thought it was nice of him to make a video to help others. For another reason, Tim is using an RD8000 on 75mhz to drive his rock crawler! They are Way more complicated than one might think! And for another, I maybe be into planes, but I think R/C Rock Crawlers can be pretty cool. So there!

Anyway… for those pilots who also might be into cars/trucks, etc. I thought you might like this!

Oh, and this is why I think Rock Crawlers are Kinda’ neat. Nothing can seemingly stop them!


F3J Worlds 08

June 7, 2008

Saillplanes are an amazing discipline within our hobby. These high-end, high-performance, seemingly endlessly complicated aircraft require the latest techniques for design and construction to have an even remote chance of being competitive. The skill to set one up and fly it properly is amazing as well.

The F3J Catagory for World-Competition is an interesting part of the competition sailplane world. This is where sailplanes are hand-towed and then compete for a set time and then end the flight with a precision spot landing. Cool stuff.. really.

The worlds are at the end of this month in TURKEY! Talk about a long jet-flight to then fly in highly intense competition for a week!

First, if you haven’t done so, Visit the Official Team USA F3J site! Airtronics is a sponsor of the team and sponsors several of the pilots. Remington, Perkins, and Mc Gowen for example. They need your support and have a raffle as well as T-shirts and hats for sale to raise funds.

There is also a website with more information about the F3J Worlds. Check it out!

Also note that several Canadian Team pilots are sponsored by Airtronics as well. You have to wish our friends from the North good luck as well!!! We want a good showing for all of North America! Don’t let the Western Europeans keep the glory for themselves!

So, please support the USA F3J Team and check out this amazing aspect of competition flying!

Good Luck to All the Pilots!!!

RDS8000 Review Online

June 2, 2008

There have been many RDS8000 reviews, all seem positive. The authors all seem to really experience good things with the radio.

There is a new review post on RCUniverse that I think is very informative.

I thought you all might enjoy it.