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PVMAC Toys for Tots

December 1, 2011
PVMAC Toys for Tots Dec 4. Chino, CA. Prado Airpark

Toys for Tots at PVMAC

I hope to see a big turn-out this weekend for the Toys for Tots Fun Fly at PVMAC. I’ll be out there with the ASM B17, NT Jets Panther, and perhaps a couple of new BH Models Prototypes. Obviously this is a great cause, PVMAC is a GREAT Club, and Prado is a great field.

Click  HERE to get more info!



Events Coming Up!

April 25, 2011

In the next few weeks there are some great events coming up.

April 30 at the Fountain Valley Main Warehouse. Our famous warehouse sale is BACK! It’s 1 day, first come first serve. I suggest you get there eary for the cool stuff! Info will be on the Hobby People website this week.

May 14 at the Apollo Field-Valley Flyers Pizza Fun Fly. I’ll be there with 3 seminars and if you enter, you’ll have Pizza and a fabulous day of controlled flying at one of the most famous fields on the planet, the Apollo Field.

May 21st – Airtronics Open House at the Fountain Valley Hobby People. Another warehouse event, we’ll have Airtronics Team guys, reps from the Team USA 2011 F3B team, giveaways, seminars, Airtronics staff, a special sale and trade in program and more. Details will be up at the Hobby People website and here as well no later than the 10th. Regardless of whether you own Airtronics, this is an event worth attending.

We’ll see you there!


25 Radio Giveaway at Hobby People

February 23, 2011

Our CEO has created a new giveaway I really like. It involves free stuff and that’s ALWAYS good!


Through March and April, 2011 if you sign up on the email list (or if you already are on our email mailing list) you will be entered in a drawing to win 1 of 25 radios. It’s free to enter and they’re giving away either an M11X or SD-10G (your choice!).


The details and sign up are here:


Several Receivers for RDS8000 and SD-10G

January 11, 2010

Many Airtronics users have wondered if there are other receivers available for the RDS8000 and SD-10G besides the stock receivers?

Here’s a list:

There is an 8, a 7 and a 6 channel available. All 3 are full range and the 6ch is quite small and affordable
Click the links:

There is also an affordable lightweight park flyer receiver. With the case off it is only 4 grams or so making it very nice for indoor planes, small helis, etc.

Hot Releases from 2009

January 6, 2010

RX60 from Airtronics

RX60 Park Flyer Receiver

When we worked on this receiver, we were targeting indoor, both small helis and foamies. With the case off, this is a 4g receiver. VERY light and nice.

Turns out our pilots are getting well over 1000 feet of range. Works GREAT with outdoor foamies and small planes too!

Lower price, lower weight, small size. All you 3D micro heli pilots now have a 6ch micro receiver that works great AND is affordable. This has proven to be a popular servo.

RX60 next to a quarter. I think the Quarter weighs more :0

RX60 next to a quarter. I think the Quarter weighs more :0


July 3, 2009

Cheap when compared to 7ch rx’s from the “other big guys” and competitively prices to the discount “guy” with their announced but still not released equipment (you can all guess at who I’m talking about…) Airtronics has released and is IN STOCK on the new full range 7ch receiver.

Compatible with the RDS8000 and SD-10G, this receiver is smaller, lighter,and more affordable than the 8Ch ATX receiver and WAY more affordable than everyone else’s comparable receiver. 

Check it out!!!

Western States Electric Fly 2009

May 14, 2009

Looks like we’ll be headed out to the Western States E-Fly at the Sepulveda Basin (Valley Flyers).

2009_wsefly_posterSeems like a fun event if you like seeing tons of electric planes at 1 event. They have booths setup and lots of makers should be there.

We’ll be showing all the latest stuff including the SD-10G!


Airtronics Channel Coming

May 8, 2009

We’re playing with a new concept. Airtronics TV – Podcasts…

So, I got voted as the first guy to make a video. ick. Mine is a brief intro to the SD-10G

Craig just recorded one today for the M11X


Great Day Flying at the Valley Flyers Apollo Field

May 4, 2009

I want to say a big THANK YOU to the Valley Flyers for inviting us once again to their annual club fly-in. This annual event (originally called Magnum Engine Day), started years ago by Harvey Elmes, has been a great way for us to get out to the field and talk to fellow modelers about operating tips for engines. Over the years, these seminars that we’ve presented right at the field have evolved into several seminars.

This year we gave 3. The first was the traditional Engine Operating Tips. The second was a informational seminar on Care and safety when operating Li-PO batteries. The third, new for this year, was a short discussion about how to use 2.4Ghz radios. Things like voltage, antenna placement, etc. were discussed.

Each seminar lasted 45 minutes including the question and answer session and drew about 30 people. It was great to see attendance at the event was up. I’m not sure of the final totals but there were a HUGE amount of planes and helis ranging in category from Slow Flyers to EDF’s to Turbines to Glow and EP helis. Just about every facet of the R/C flying hobby was represented.

So, THANK YOU to the Valley Flyers for having us out again to the Basin for some fun and for hosting such a nice, friendly event. It could not have been any nicer. And of course, special thanks to the President of the Club, Jason Pakfar for his continued support and to Dave Hendrix Event CD.

Here’s a some pics of the activities:

Seminar Pics:

Talking about 2.4Ghz and showing off the new Airtronics SD-10G.


Talking about proper airflow using the beautiful UltraFly Cirrus SR-22 as an example.


Thanks to our pilots and staff who all came out to help. Craig Kaplan (He’s single ladies!) from our XTM and Airtronics Service Dept, and Eric Pacheco EF Heli/Airtronics Pilot. Eric flies R/C heli’s commercially for the movies. The EF Heli Cypher he was flying was just used in the new Chipmunks 2 movie. Not shown, because he was taking all the pics, was Russ Greaves from our service dept.



During the day, we did get a chance to fly a little.  It wasn’t all show and tell. Eric put the Daytime Cypher (he has a night-prepared-Cypher all dolled up with lights) through it’s paces. I put some time on the UltraFly SR-22. These are truly great products that simply work GREAT.




I’m famous now.. Airage posted my seminar about 2.4Ghz use …

May 1, 2009

Mike’s Podcast at Airage

I gave a seminar at Toledo about the basics of 2.4Ghz for use in airplanes. Had a pretty good crowd show up. Airage recorded it. Click on the link and you too can hear me stumble over words as I talk about 2.4Ghz basic use and tips and information.

It’s fun to give these types of presentations when everyone in the audience is so nice. It really was a great crowd and they seemed to really like it.