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Starting Off 2012 Right with a Successful Maiden Flight

January 2, 2012

N-Tech Jets is working to bring out several jets for 2012. One of those jets is the Hawk. We test flew a sample today using electric power. As you may have seen in my previous post about this plane, Larry Wolfe at Jet Hangar Hobbies helped out by building the prototype sample. He installed his E-Turbax Fan with custom Neu Motor controlled by a brand new Ice 2 160HV Castle Creations ESC. Battery is 6500mAh 12S Li-PO. Radio is SD-10G. Retracts are N-Tech Jets retracts and struts and control system designed for the Hawk.

Larry brought it out to PVMAC today, Jan 1, 2012, for it’s first flight. And what a GREAT flight! Take off was perfect, flight performance looked GREAT, and landing was SMOOTH!

The Hawk will be available 2nd Quarter 2012 from Hobby People and N-Tech Jets Dealers. It’s an awesome 68″ wing span, 21 pound, 120mm EDF high performance model. What a GREAT flyhing airplane!

The N-Tech Jets Hawk is a winner. I’m looking forward to a hundred more successful flights!

Thank you to Jet Hanger, Larry Wolfe, and Tim Johnson for all their help!

A perfect way to start off 2012!



Sneak Peak at a new N-Tech Jets Model

December 23, 2011

It’s a prototype Hawk. Retracts and struts are included and installed. This one will be flown first with a JHH fan and then will be flown with some top secret Larry-Special fan equipment. More to come soon. Enjoy the pics!

OCMA Fun Fly This Weekend – Canceled :(

November 7, 2011

BUMMER: It’s canceled due to the expected huge storm coming through this weekend 😦

Hello Everyone,

The weather forecast for this weekend is not looking good unless you’re a duck. So we’ve postponed the OCMA Fun Fly and BBQ. We will be rescheduling this event at the next BOD meeting with a target for early next year and will notify everyone in plenty of time.

Tim Cardin
OCMA – President


If you’re looking for a fun flying event this weekend and you’re near Orange County, check this out! (And if you want to attend, Please RSVP so they can plan for your lunch!!!)


                  OCMA SPECIAL EVENT AT

                          NOV 12th
2011 7:00AM TO 1:00PM



Team Airtronics pilots will be there flying the new BH FW190 as well as the new prototype Zlin 50 (powered with the Mark Engines Gas 140). Larry Wolfe from Jet Hangar will be flying our B17G from ASM and, if all goes well, I’ll have the new N-Tech Jets Panther on display (and maybe flying, we’ll see how it goes).

This is a fun event and this year’s BBQ will be AWESOME!

I hope to see everyone there!


Airtronics at Scale Masters

April 15, 2008

Chris Wolfe just sent me an image of his Jet entry at the Scale Masters Qualifier this weekend. I thought you’d all enjoy it. Chris’s father is Larry Wolfe, owner of Jet Hangar Hobbies. Chris just like his dad is very involved with the hobby and as you can see, pretty accomplished. Congrats to Chris for an awesome showing at the event!Chris, Airtronics, and the A7 at Scale Masters

Here’s what Chris had to say:

Hi Mike,
I just wanted to pass this pic along to you. This past weekend was the Scale Master’s qualifier at the Hemet Model Masters. I was there with my turbine A-7. I scored 100 in static with an average of 93.2 in the flight scores which was enough to put me on top in the expert category. 🙂 Unfortunately, the championships are in Florida (only a 2500 mile drive) so I will have to try again next year when they are a little closer to give it a go at the championships. I’m flying the airplane with the Stylus at the moment and is a perfect candidate for the 10 channel Tx when it’s available. 🙂 That would mean I could add more features as right now I’ve maxed out the 8.
P.S. to this, I put a link to Jet Hangar in case you didn’t know what it was. Look in the Hobby Links section. – Mike
P.S.S. – Chris won at RCX too. There were a LOT of beautiful planes there and they were impressive. Chris’s sure got a lot of looks!!!