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New Models from VQ Models and BH Expected End of October

October 2, 2011

The wait is almost over. From Twin “Shrikes” to an Agwagon, BH and VQ are releasing some cool models. We’ll post the details as soon as they arrive.


RCX – You GOTTA get there!

April 15, 2008

OK, we’re in the final preparation for RCX ( and I thought I’d share what we’ll be doing (of course in an effort to attract you to come!!! Obviously!!!) I am excited about the show and hope some of you can make it!

“Pomona Fairplex is going to be jammed with excitement, crowds, and fun on April 19th and 20th 2008.” (taken from the website)

Here’s the deal Sparky… there’s TONS of new and interesting stuff from us!!!

1. Global is now the agent for Ultrafly and we’ll be showing the Ultrafly line AND the NEW SPEAR EDF in the Ultrafly booth. These models are beautiful, the new BL motors Ultrafly has really make them scoot, and we’ve negotiated much better pricing on the models.

2. The Prototype Airtronics 10CH will be there under my careful watch! Not publicly, but if you find me and ask, I will show it to you. No pictures please! That will be in the Airtronics booth (The Airtronics booth will be in the Car side of the show and we will show ATX also in the Global booth on the airplane side, but the radio will be locked up in the Airtronics booth)

3. Z-Car from SH Engines. Global is now the exclusive agent for all of the new SH products including their new 1/8th buggy, the Z-Car (it’s got some long winded name, but that’s it…) Greg Degani, World Champ AND Z-Car driver/co-designer will be on-hand to answer your questions in the Z-Car/SH Booth.

4. We’re showing the new VQ stuff including the new Hein, Pilatus Porter, and Cap 10 120size.

5. Hobby People will be teasing some new BH Models AND they will have tons of everything in stock! The store is huge! Gigantic even! And it will be filled with deals and stuff from as many exhibitors as we could get. It will be special…

6. We’ll be showing the ASM A-26 And the NEW Sukhoi SU-26 140 size ARF. It’s very nice….

7. XTM will be showing the new XST and will have live demonstrations of it. The Paint scheme is HOT. XTM will also show the Rage and all the new Hopups coming for it! They look great too! Makes that little sport car a HOT racer! Yes, I’m biased, but so what?!?!? The car is GREAT and these new parts are perfect for everyone stuffing bl motors in it and making it do 55mph.

XTM is showing another all-new, never seen before product in a new category for us!!!! It’s awesome. (again, I’m biased, but I think I’m right!) You have to come to the show to see it!!!

8. Flying Demos: Eric, our new Cypher/ATX pilot will be showing off the Cypher on the indoor field. And for those with some preparation/training, they might even have their chance to put the heli up with the trainer cable! I will be flying a MASH and a new Prototype Indoor/outdoor slow flyer from SportFlyers by Hobby People. It’s only a prototype, but it fles great. I will try to have the buddy box ready for that little guy too. It’s called the Wingsail.

9. Try-Me-Track! Want to give RC Cars a go? Want to let the kids play a little? Everyone can drive an RC CAR! Yes, it’s FREE…

10. We will be showing the new Model Tech planes including the Mini Mach Racer and the Super Cub. There’s a lot of interest in that Cub already and the Mini Mach Racer I’ve posted about here. Now you can see it in person.

Craig and I will both be there. Want to talk to us in person? Stop by!!!

So there you have it. 10 reasons to come to RCX and they don’t even involve any other brands! Think of all the other great stuff you’ll see at the show?!?!?!



April 8, 2008

Just got back. My coverage of the Toledo show is NOT very good. Why? I NEVER LEFT the BOOTH!!! We were so swamped at the Airtronics and Global booth that there simply was NO TIME to walk the show!

So, what was new in our neck of the woods?

1. RDS8000. EVERYONE wanted to see it it seems. And since our dealer there, Peak Electronics, sold out, I guess that means they wanted it too.

2. We selectively showed the prototype of the new Airtronics 10 channel. Due probably Jan 2009 (well before the next Toledo show), we had a transmitter there getting feedback on ergonomics and features. I can’t show it because it will be heavily modified from its current prototype state before release.

While we did this, Sanwa also flew in the radio programmer and he interviewed top glider, helicopter, and aerobatic pilots to get their views on the programming needs of pilots who will use this new radio. YES, we’re putting YOU and our Engineers TOGETHER to make sure we’re making stuff you actually want! I can tell them but it is sure more powerful if we have them talk to the pilots directly.Miss Ohio at the Airtronics Booth

3. New Digital Airtronics Servos. (and for you dealers, they’re in better packaging too). These are high performance standard case size servos. UP to 200 oz/in is in and we’re about to go into production on the 350 oz/in variety.

4. Global is now the exclusive agent for Ultrafly Models. I’ll have pics of the new plane and information soon (about a week probably). But they’re great looking and great quality and I think they’ll be well-received.

It was a fantastic show!

Oh, and THANKS to everyone who came to my 2.4GHz symposium! I was really nervous about it but everyone was very nice and the questions were all outstanding! There sure were a lot of people there!

More soon!


Menifee Club in Temecula

March 20, 2008

260Trojan 36 ARFTrojan CanopyTrojan CowlClub Meeting Show and Tell 1Club Meeting Show and Tell 2Club Meeting Show and Tell 3Menifee Flying FieldWent to a club meeting out near the Hobby People Murrietta Store. The Menifee Valley Flyers.

I love clubs. This one was especially well-manners. They all seemed to get along so well! And, new members were there and were welcomed, and the meeting was overall just really fun!

First, I met Mike Braun, one of the Hobby People District Managers at the store. Had a nice conversation with some of the guys down there. They were busy of course helping customers and what not, but generally seemed to be very pleasant (as they should be!) And, they had some great questions for me so that made it fun.

Then Mike and I went to the Menifee field as temporary guests for the day (we would only fly there, of course, with the permission of the officers and of course, we have AMA). The field is at the edge of a hill and while the flying area is not too big, it is protected and there’s no houses, roads, etc to hit. It’s very pretty this time of year too! Thanks to the club!

Mike B flew his Mini Magic Extra. Mike used to be a car guy (he and I raced cars together back at Bob and Jim’s in Riverside when I was in College! 88-91!!!). Bob now owns Dynamic Hobbies out there. He’s an official Global Dealer and a heck of a nice guy.

The Mini Magic Extra Flies Great. Mike has the same motor out of the Fledgling along with an Impulse 1450 3 cell pack. Mike flies it great too! No longer just a car-guy, Mike is becoming quite an accomplished pilot!

I flew a prototype BHModels Exra 260 EP and a smaller T-28 Trojan. It’s a 36 size version of the 91 size we already carry. Both were fun!!! They are so well made. It could go on and on, but the bottom line is they are GREAT.

Flew both with the Airtronics RDS8000 as expected. These radios continue to fly perfectly. Secure, reliable, rock solid. Don’t know what else to say! They simply work.

At the Club meeting, there were 3 show and tell planes. A Cermark Extra with E-power. A BHModels Yak 46 with an OS46, and a VQModels P-40 Checkertail with a 4Stroke!

The members all say the like the models and impressed with the quality, flight performance, and price. What more could a project manager ask for?!!

So, why am I posting about something so mundane? Day of flying and a club meeting??? wooohoo like that doesn’t happen everyday?

My point is: It does happen! And it happens mostly because Nice groups of people who put modeling and club success first over petty differences make the best clubs! And, this club is no exception!! They are leaders, in my opinion, of what a club should be! Lots of activities, lots of fun, while making sure they have a safe, reliable field that encourages fun, learning, and participation. Yet another prime example of why clubs are great and how great they can be when organized and lead by decent people who care. I was truly impressed and was thankful I was invited in and treated so well!

All of you clubbies out there, you know who you are! Keep up the GREAT WORK and THANK YOU for making the hobby fun and keeping those flying fields up and running!!!!

My First Real Post

October 12, 2007

RDS8000 First Test Day Aug 27

(I’m the guy 2nd from the left…)

It’s a monumental event! I’ve actually created my first “real” post to my personal Blog that I established recently (recently…not really…. I actually signed up months and months ago.. but I wouldn’t want to rush into anything…)

The thing is being one of the R&D guys at Hobby Shack/Hobby People/Global/Airtronics USA has kept me pretty busy since then. Tradeshows from Toledo to California, and even in Shanghai and Beijing, China have made it seem like I’m never home. My kids hardly remember my name (luckily I bring them the odd-present or two which helps jog their memory.)

I would say my work here at the ‘Shack is pretty darn exciting. Well exciting for me since I’ve been into R/C hobbies since I was born. I’m a 2nd generation flyer. But enough about me.

Tons of GREAT stuff is happening in the hobby. I see a lot of it pretty early on and think maybe other R/C Pilots might enjoy seeing some of this stuff too.

For example. At the end of August I flew the first 2.4GHz Sanwa/Airtronics airplane radio every made. It was a hand-made sample built from an RD8000. Today, we have the first production quality samples of the transmitter (receiver case is not quite done yet) already! I’ve sent some out to some of our pilots for testing at some of the most interference ridden flying fields in the USA. Everyone wants 2.4GHz radios from Airtronics RIGHT NOW! But, we’re not releasing a thing until the factory engineers, our flight team, and ME agree that the radio is performing flawlessly. So, extensive testing is being done all across the country.

I get the fun job of not only trying one myself, but Sanwa/Airtronics extensively test the radio with our team all across the country! Fun stuff.

Anyway, I’m not sure where all this blogging stuff will go, but I think it will be fun to show off some of the fun hobby stuff I’ve been doing and get connected with all you modelers blogging out there (well, when you’re not at the flying flield!)

I do requests to so if anyone has any R/C Related Hobby questions/comments/concerns/requests, feel free to let me know. I’ll do everything I can to help you out.

Later all!


-Dedicated to the true champions, those who fly for fun!!!!